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Questions & Answers
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Is Peru safe for travel?

Absolutely! While the country experienced a brief period of civil unrest in early 2023 that temporarily affected movement within the country, the political situation is now resolved. Peru is among the safest countries in Latin America and is well-known for being an accessible country for tourists from anywhere in the world.

Why Andes to Amazon?

At A2A, we pride ourselves on connecting people to unique, untrammeled sites that are poorly known--and in many cases, practically unexplored--in a safe, knowledgable, and affordable manner. Our site selections prioritize high species diversity and high likelihood of finding targeted endemics; we are one of the few tour agencies that specialize in reliable custom trips designed to find Peru's spectacular poison-frog species. Perhaps most importantly, our relationships with local communities and conservation initiatives characterize all the work we do. Thanks to our local partners in the region, we have gained access to truly unique areas and are currently working with the conservation group PlantForFuture to protect one of the last remaining populations of the poison-frog Ranitomeya fantastica 'nominal morph'.

Why Perú?

The east Andean versant of South America is the global hotspot of biodiversity and endemism, and no place balances being accessible and unexplored like northern Peru. New species continue to be described from many of the areas we visit, meaning that we are exploring sites that truly lie on the edge of scientific knowledge and documentation. Moreover, northern Peru has a tremendous diversity of ecosystems within a relatively small area--our birding, herping, and adventure tours span everything from lowland Amazon rainforest to high Andean cloud forest to alpine páramo to Pacific dry forest! 

Do you lead tours in Ecuador?

Yes, we lead tours to Podocarpus National Park and can also provide custom tours throughout Ecuador. Clients may also wish to combine sites in Peru and Ecuador on a custom trip.

What is the best time to visit?

Owing to its relatively equitable tropical climate, Peru is great to visit at any time of the year. The dry season is from Apr-Sep and the rainy reason from Oct-Mar. Birding is generally great year-round; when it comes to herping, some species may be easier to find in the dry season and others easier in the wet season.

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