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"Very knowledgeable about the local fauna and not afraid of getting their hands dirty. Professional, resourceful and have a sound grasp of the local culture. 5 stars for Andes to Amazon for me!"

- Marc Knox, USA

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"They were very familiar with the local habitats and focused on maintaining them. We had a great time there, and we were so happy to be able to photograph the various morphs of the beautiful Dendrobatidae species!"

- Yuji Abematsu, Japan

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Had a wonderful tour from Andes to Amazon on a hunt for new Begonia species. They are so knowledgeable about many of the native flora, fauna and everything imaginable in necessity for a great tour guide of the region. Not to mention they are such personable, funny and fun guys. If you are looking to see the real Peru with some cool dudes, I wouldn't recommend anyone more than I would these guys.

- Corbin Ross, USA

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